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Ravi Shankar

For almost 8 years now I have been designing effective products that bring everyone together. I strive to create simple and effective digital products. I specialise in B2B and B2C applications, especially their mobile experiences.

A few years ago, I figured out that I am good at making, maintaining and expanding design systems.

If you’d like to know more about me, hire me or would like to simply connect,
please drop me an email at contact@uxshankar.com

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Car Renting App Print Store Management Design System Carpool App

Car Renting App

A car rental app designed for users to find the nearest car, and easily rent it for the required duration.

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The brief

My task was to design the best digital product that meets the stakeholders' requirements and is also user-friendly for customers.

Case Study

In case you would like to read about the whole process, it is available here at this Notion link

Bulk Printing Solution

Designing a system to manage all the printers installed in a bulk printing setup

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The user can monitor the statuses of all the printers and can quickly attend to any that need attention

Job Queue

Manage the job queue without having to select each individual printer


Maintain record of each printer to get a better idea of its efficiency

Error Management

Every printer that needs attention has the error listed, eliminating the need to physically approach the machine

Design System

Design, document and maintaining a design system called Muse DS


Sumtotal Systems

The entire system was subdivided into Molecules, Organisms and Templates

Inventory, Use Cases

Every use case of the components are included in the design system

For example, the button:

Primary Button

Size: Large

Size: Medium

Size: Small

Secondary Button

Size: Large

Size: Medium

Size: Small

The other use cases of icons are: Text Button, Icon Button, Icon button with Left Icon, Icon button with Right icon.


Combining atoms, molecules were created

For example, the floating alert:

floating alert floating alert floating alert

The floating alert contains an Icon, body text and an Icon button.

The variants shown here are: Filled Alert, Alert with Border and Plain Alert

More Details

Please email me for the complete documentation of Muse DS

They include atoms, molecules, templates, colour library, icon library and typography

Carpool App

Revolutionising Commuting Through Seamless Carpooling Experiences

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Location-based Search

Geolocation technology provides users with a list of carpool options near their current location

Robust Filtering and Matching

Users can filter their search results based on specific criteria, such as departure time, gender preferences, and ratings.

User Profiles and Verification

To foster trust and security, each user has a detailed profile that includes verified information, ratings, and reviews from previous carpool experiences

Seamless Payment Integration

The app integrates with popular payment platforms, allowing users to securely split commuting costs or handle payment transactions directly within the app